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Talk About My Businesss


"A man's mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension" Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

My name is Gustavo A. Oduber Jr a.k.a. Oduber-Quigley (artistic name chosen honoring my mother)... let me talk with you about my business that I am addressing to my target audiences, including yourself...

I have worked in various industry ranging from food & beverage, restaurants (graduated from Johnson & Wales culinary institute & Northeastern University, Boston in Int’l Marketing), insurance (MetLife), mutual funds (MetLife), stockbroker (Miami brokerage firm), and even a flower importer. I owned and ran a Gallery in Coral Gables FL. For two years, International Trading (Finance) and so on…to the point I just specialized in new product and market development.

Yet you are asking yourself - how serious is he? Well, my artwork is very personal. You see, my mother, Julie Oduber-Quigley had played a huge part in my artistic development. She was known as a primitive artist in Aruba, Dutch Antilles, and starting at the age of ten at times I helped her finish her oil paintings to the point I enjoyed it very much. She constantly encouraged me to continue since she saw a talent in me to do so.

Then, as the story goes, I picked up a black ink pen and started painting landscapes and trees from my Aruban landscape. I felt so accomplished but during my business career I put my creativity in the back burner until now.

Today, in my 3rd life, I had focus on my abilities, talent, and creativity. With much praying and meditation on what can I do to have total control over my product/service, a profession that I would love with great passion, dignity, and respect. In the end it hit me, and it was in me all along…."to just continue and develop my artistic talent from here!"..but not only as an artist but one with a unique signature and a profitable niche market.

It is here where The Zebra Xchange Series was born just back in June 2019 with the encouragement of my close friends who then became my extended family (the Bergfield family).

There are many artist painting zebras in many shape and colors. Yet in order for me to stand apart and I thought through a unique approach which was simplistic and two folds:

  1. abstract with primitive symbols and some sort of zebra images
  2. Ode to the great masters with a zebra image

It is at this juncture I started painting with great love and joy by paying homage to the masters as well as discovering a special niche market. I will continue my professional artistic career till God parts me from it.

So that is my life...my business!!!