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Artist Biography

A brief biography of Gustavo Oduber (a.k.a Oduber-Quigley)

Born in the Dutch Caribbean of Aruba in May of 1955, Gustavo acquired his artistic talent from his mother, a primitive artist named Julie Oduber-Quigley (1934-2001) originally born in Puerto Rico. 

As early as the age of ten, he developed a distinctive style with pen & ink. His major subject matter is the world famous Divi-Divi trees and its surroundings, including the country homes in Aruba where he was born. 

After many years of abstaining from his true talent, Gustavo rediscovered his passion for painting with a new focus on Zebra thematic images which he is currently developing called The Zebra Xchange Series. 

Consequently, Gustavo is leveraging his artistic talent with his prior extensive new product and marketing development experience with the ecommerce platform Shopify. He has created his online store called Epic Printing Shop. He provides his Zebra's Images on print-on-demand products in different niche market.

Each images will be sold as Giclee Limited Edition between 75-100 editions per image.

As Gustavo’s creative energy manifest itself, he has plans to explore other specialty markets with his Zebra thematic art. These new markets will represent a natural extension of his Zebras series and will include fashion & design, interior design, sculpture, crystals, home accessories, kitchen and bathroom items, and will continue to explore other niche markets.
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